AG Series Dual Trace Counter Waveform Generator

- Advanced DDS technology, max 60MHz frequency output - Up to 250MS/s sample rate, and 1μHz frequency resolution - Vertical Resolution : 14 bits, up to 1M arb waveform length - Comprehensive waveform output : 5 basic waveforms, and 45 built-in arbitrary waveforms - Comprehensive modulation functions : AM, FM, PM, FSK, PWM, Sweep, and Burst - High-accuracy frequency counter integrated, supported range 100mHz - 200MHz - Supported SCPI - 4 inches high resolution (480 × 320 pixels) TFT LCD display

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Build-in 200MHz hardware counter

6 bits/sec frequency rate, frequency measure ranges from 100MHz ~ 200MHz. Signal time, duty cycle and pulse width can be measured. 



What is the differences between oscilloscope and multimeter?

In measuring the voltage, the difference between the oscilloscope and the digital multimeter can be simply expressed as "picture and number" difference.

digital multimeter is a tool for accurate measurement of discontinuous signals, but it does not visually present waveforms that represent signal strength, shape, and instantaneous values, nor can it show transient or harmonic signals that may damage the system.

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