UK Government Releases Brexit White Paper

- Jul 23, 2018 -

UK government releases Brexit white paper

The United Kingdom published a white paper off the European Union on the 12th local time, and proposed a "comprehensive vision" on the future trade and cooperation between the UK and Europe.

A number of cabinet ministers promised that this long-awaited blueprint will enable Britain to achieve "Brexit" in a "principle and practical" way.


The United Kingdom decided to "Brexit" through a referendum in 2016 and is scheduled to leave the EU on March 29 next year. The UK and the EU had previously agreed to transition from the end of March next year to December 31, 2020, but what kind of relationship will be maintained between the UK and Europe after the transition period, as well as tariffs and trade related to the specific operation of "Brexit" have been pending.

The BBC reported on the 12th that the "Brexit" white paper published by Prime Minister Teresa Maying later will present a number of ideas, laying the foundation for future relations between the UK and the EU, and clarifying that the UK hopes for decades and even decades. How to start trade and cooperation with the EU in the year.

Some media said that due to internal disputes in the British government, the "Brexit" white paper was released several months later than originally planned. On the 6th of this month, cabinet officials negotiated for 12 hours in the Prime Minister's village official residence, Chequers Villa, and finally reached an agreement on the blueprint in the middle of the night.

However, earlier this week, two cabinet ministers, "Brex" Minister David Davis and Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson successively resigned, saying that the plan reached by the Chequers meeting could not be implemented. Several other government officials below the cabinet level resigned.

After that, Teresa May quickly appointed Dominic Rab and Jeremy Hunt to replace Davis and Johnson respectively. Reuters reported on the 12th that the new "Brexit" Minister Rab wrote in the preface to the White Paper: "The (white paper) vision respects both the referendum and the principle that "Brexit" is principled and practical."

Rab said in the preface that "Brexit" is both an opportunity and a challenge. "We need to face challenges and seize opportunities." The idea put forward in the white paper is “the correct approach for the UK and the EU”.

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