Europe Sets Off A Wave Of 5G Spectrum Auctions: China Should Clearly Define The Specific Division As Soon As Possible

- Aug 02, 2018 -

Europe sets off a wave of 5G spectrum auctions: China should clearly define the specific division as soon as possible

With the freezing of the fifth-generation mobile communication technology standard (5G NR) independent networking function, 5G officially entered the commercial-oriented phase. As the foundation of next-generation mobile communications, 5G will provide important support for areas such as Internet of Vehicles, Industry 4.0, and VR applications. It is also seeing the huge traction of 5G in the digital society. The major economies in the world are testing and deploying 5G. .

As the core resource for the development of mobile communications, spectrum planning is the starting point of the industry and determines the industrial development pattern. In the 5G journey just started, the spectrum has become the focus of the entire industry chain. The industry chain has called for it, and hopes to adopt the same spectrum plan, in order to realize the global scale of roaming while enjoying global roaming.

As a key force in the world's telecommunications map, European countries have set off a wave of 5G spectrum auctions, including major economies such as the United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, Poland, and Sweden, which have released information on 5G spectrum auctions; Japan, South Korea and other 5G "first movers" are different, Europe's 5G spectrum auction is still focused on the Sub 6G. In this regard, C114 general manager Qin Jie believes that looking at Europe's 5G spectrum strategy has great similarities with China, but the action is faster than China's. If China wants to truly realize the 5G-led strategic concept, it must be clear as soon as possible. 5G spectrum division. "Only a clear 5G spectrum division, the industry chain including operating companies can be targeted.

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