The Measurement Way of Clamp Meter

- Jun 13, 2018 -

A digital clamp meter is an electrical tester that combines a voltmeter and a clamp ammeter. Like the multimeter, the clamp meter also undergoes a digital process from the past analog to today.


The clamp meter is mainly composed of an electromagnetic ammeter and a penetrating current transformer. It is a portable instrument that can directly measure the alternating current of the circuit without disconnecting the circuit. It is very easy to use in electrical maintenance and it is widely used.

The clamp meter was originally used to measure AC current. Nowadays, the multimeter has all the functions it can use to measure AC and DC voltage, current, resistance, capacitance, temperature, frequency, diode, and continuity.

1. According to need, choose A~(AC) or A—(DC) file.


2. Press the trigger to clamp the clamp meter head into the current wire to be tested and hold it in the middle of the clamp head.

3, when the measured current is very small, its reading is not obvious, you can test the wire around a few turns, the number of turns to be the number of turns in the middle of the jaw, then the reading = measured value / number of turns.


4. During measurement, the conductor under test shall be placed in the center of the jaws and close the jaws to reduce errors.



(1) The voltage of the circuit under test is lower than the rated voltage of the clamp meter.


(2) When measuring the current of the high-voltage line, wear insulating gloves, wear insulated shoes, and stand on the insulation mat.


(3) The jaws must be closed tightly without live switching.


(4) For the manual range clamp meter, if you do not know the measured current range, you need to set it to the maximum range and gradually decrease it.

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