How to use DSO in analog circuits? Such as measure the small signal of audio amplifiers, noise of power supply etc...

- May 28, 2018 -

 How to use DSO in analog circuits? Such as measure the small signal of audio amplifiers, noise of power supply etc... 

Pay attention to below issues:

1. The oscilloscope’s grounding, the chassis of oscilloscope and probe’s reference ground are all connected to the ground, so good grounding is the primary condition for measuring interference. OWON XDS3000 series oscilloscope can be with battery optional, it will be good in reduce signal interference.

2.The interference of oscilloscope’s reference ground line, the probe generally has a section of grounding wire, it will form a loop of interference path with the measured point, and then introducing relatively large interference, so to minimize this interference, the method that we can use is to remove the probe cap, not using the ground wire which drawn from the probe, but directly use the probe tip and the point of the probe contacts to measure.

3.Using the difference probe to eliminate the common-mode noise.

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