Global 5G deployment, commercial, testing status

- Aug 14, 2018 -

Global 5G deployment, commercial, testing status

At the moment, 5G is undoubtedly the biggest hot topic this year. 5G commercial is about to be realized. Throughout the world, the relevant testing work on 5G has been carried out in full swing. Up to now, there are 154 operators in 66 countries around the world conducting a total of about 412 independent 5G enabling technologies and candidate technology demonstration, testing, verification, and field testing.

China's 5G national trial is the world's largest regional 5G test and test project. At present, the third phase of China's 5G technology research and development test has entered the medium term. At present, some enterprises have completed non-independent networking standard indoor test projects. According to the plan, all the participating testers will complete the NSA field test and independent network test in September of this year. Some leading manufacturers will complete the outdoor test project, and all the test items of the third phase test will be completed by the end of this year.

In the 5G test, not only major operators have made great efforts, but instrumentation manufacturers have also played an important role. As early as in the second phase of the 5G testing process, instrument manufacturers were introduced as a technical reserve force. The addition of instrument manufacturers will accelerate the 5G test from the lab to the application. Different from the traditional mobile communication technology, the 5G antenna enhancement, beamforming and 3D-MIMO technologies bring more difficulties to the device, which is smaller and more integrated. How to increase technological innovation in the instrumentation industry chain to meet these new challenges is the key to 5G commercial development. For different test challenges, each instrument manufacturer has proposed its own solution.

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