VDS Series SCPI Secondary Develop Oscilloscope

VDS Series SCPI Secondary Develop Oscilloscope

- Up to 100MHz bandwidth, and max 1GS/s real-time sample rate - 10M record length - Friendly UI : FFT, or X-Y, and waveform 2 views displayed on the same screen - Multi-trigger option : edge, video, slope, pulse, and alternate - USB isolation - less signal inference, more PC protection - USB bus powering, and LAN remote control (optional) - Ultra-thin body design, easy portability

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VDS Series SCPI Secondary Develop Oscilloscope

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1. X-Y mode, FFT mode  with  waveform displayed on the same screen




How long is for probe operational life?that need send to lab for calibration regularly or not?

The probe operational life depend on operating environment and operating method.

The probe have not well-defined for  measurement stipulate,but for passive probe,when you will change channel for gprobe that must doing  compensate adjustment before change probe,all passive probe will keep 20min preheat before operate. Also need doing  zero wander adjustment for some passive probe and current probe.

How to use oscilloscope to test and analysis reliability of a ready product?

Oscilloscope has been one of effective instruments in testing electronics circuit, by observing the waveform voltage and current on circuit key points, we can intuitively check whether the circuit is working and the design is properly. It is helpful to increase the reliability. Of course, the correct analysis to the waveform depends on the experiece of engineer.

What is the popular features of oscilloscope?

It has been around 70 years since Tektronix invented its first digital oscilloscope, and the performance and functionality of low-end digital oscilloscopes have been getting better and better. Now with Chinese oscilloscopes in the market, oscilloscopes with less than 500MHz capability have experienced different stages of development:

1. Larger and More Professional Displays

Early digital oscilloscopes were generally equipped with a 4.5-inch or 5-inch LCD screens and display contents were limited. As early as 2009, OWON first launched a large 8-inch screen oscilloscope in its SDS series of products. This allowed the waveform to display perfectly on the larger and clearer screen and it hit the requirements of engineers at the time.

2. High Sample Rate with Deep Memory and High Waveform Capture Rate

In the early days, digital oscilloscopes under 500MHz had a low storage depth, typically only a few K samples. As the sample rate and record memory are contradictory, when the sample rate is high, the waveform storage capacity reduces. In 2010 the OWON SDS Series introduced a 10M sample memory which provides a 1GS/s sample rate. This was made possible in the SDS series by using a high-performance large-scale FPGA ASIC design with embedded high-performance CPU and RAM which adopts fast segment storage technology.

3. Multi-function Oscilloscopes for Different Test Environments.

Mixed-signal oscilloscopes (MSO) were first introduced by Keysight over a decade ago and the idea was later carried forward by more and more oscilloscope vendors. These oscilloscopes are not only a time domain measurement instrument, but also have extended functions to enable multi-field measurement. By using high-performance microprocessors and ASIC’s, processing can be done on a number of nodes at the same time in the frequency domain, data domain and statistical domain for measurement and analysis. At present the functional classification of the oscilloscope has been very vague; many manufacturers have integrated a signal generator and other basic measurement modules into the oscilloscope system. Take OWON’s XDS oscilloscope for example, its functions include: an oscilloscope, arbitrary waveform signal generator, digital multimeter, data recorder and frequency meter. Module integration also improves the efficiency of data manipulation and analysis..

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