RDS Series Virtual Pocket Oscilloscope

RDS Series Virtual Pocket Oscilloscope

- 25MHz bandwidth - 100MS/s sample rate - 5K record length - FFT function - Human engineering design - Multi- action mode via creative trackball - Multi- trigger option: edge, slope, and pulse - 5mV micro signals supported - USB bus powering, and optional USB isolated function - Easy portability, pocket accommodated

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RDS Series Virtual Pocket Oscilloscope

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1. The full DSO in your pocket

Pen-type design with easy portability, the ideal solution for on-site measurement.




2. Designed to be easily- disassembled

Special metal material made probe- tip assures durable lifetime.



How to Use Spectrum Analyzer for Noise Testing? Part 1

The spectrum analyzer is a powerful tool for making noise measurements. In general, spectrum analyzers can display the relation between power (or voltage) and frequency, which is similar to the noise spectral density curve. In fact, some spectrum analyzers have a special mode of operation that allows the measurement results to be displayed directly in spectral density units (ie nV/rt-Hz). In other cases, the measurement result must be multiplied by a correction factor to convert the relevant unit of measure into spectral density units.

spectrum analyzers, like oscilloscopes, are both digital and analog. One method of generating a spectral curve by an analog spectrum analyzer is to sweep a band-pass filter at various frequencies while plotting the measured output value of the filter. Another approach is to use superheterodyne reception, which performs scanning of the local oscillator at various frequencies. However, digital spectrum analyzers use fast Fourier transforms to generate the spectrum (often used with superheterodyne receiving technology).

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