RDS Series USB PC Oscilloscope

RDS Series USB PC Oscilloscope

- 25MHz bandwidth - 100MS/s sample rate - 5K record length - FFT function - Human engineering design - Multi- action mode via creative trackball - Multi- trigger option: edge, slope, and pulse - 5mV micro signals supported - USB bus powering, and optional USB isolated function - Easy portability, pocket accommodated

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Waveform recording/ replaying, FFT, and multi-trigger option available




How to Use Spectrum Analyzer for Noise Testing? Part 2

From Figures 5.13 – 5.14, we can see that when the resolution bandwidth decreases, the intrinsic noise increases from –87 dBm to –80 dBm. On the other hand, when the resolution bandwidth changes, the signal amplitude at 67 kHz and 72 kHz does not change. The inherent noise is affected by the resolution bandwidth because it is thermal noise. Therefore, the increase of the bandwidth also increases the total amount of thermal noise. In addition, since the signal waveform is a sine wave curve and the amplitude inside the band-pass filter remains constant regardless of the bandwidth, the signal amplitude at 67 kHz and 72 kHz is not affected by the resolution bandwidth. Because we must understand that discrete signals should not be included in spectral density calculations, the characteristics related to noise analysis should cause us enough attention. For example, when measuring the noise spectral density of an op amp, you will find a discrete signal that occurs at 60 Hz (power rising line). Because this 60 Hz signal is not a spectral density but a discrete signal, it is not included in the power noise spectral density curve.


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