HDS Series Two Trace FFT Oscilloscope

- 2 in 1 (DSO + Multimeter) - Auto-scale Function - FFT - 20 group automatic measurement options - Bandwidth : 20MHz - 200MHz - USB data transmission supported - Multimeter newly supported SCPI - Rechargeable Li-ion battery (6 hours' backup) - Waveform record & restore

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HDS Series Two Trace FFT Oscilloscope

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2-in-1 station

Oscilloscope + 3 3/4 digits multimeter + FFT spectrum analyzer.



With good features of basic oscilloscope use, it can also use as the multimeter and FFT spectrum analyzer. 


What does oscilloscope consist of?

Fluorescent screen oscilloscope

The phosphor screen is located at the end of the oscillograph tube, and its function is to display the deflected electron beam for observation. The inner wall of the phosphor screen is coated with a layer of luminescent material, so that the fluorescent screen by high-speed electron impact on the location of the fluorescence.

The brightness of the spot is determined by the number, density and speed of the electron beam. When the voltage of the control electrode is changed, the number of electrons in the electron beam will change and the light spot brightness will change.

When using the oscilloscope, it is not advisable to place a very bright spot on the screen of the oscilloscope. Otherwise, the fluorescent substance will burn out due to long-term electron impact and lose its ability to emit light.

The above is a brief introduction to the three components of the general oscilloscope, we should line up these three parts to understand, combining with the actual operation we can clearly know how these three parts works on their field. 

OWON has grew its business from display devices. So when coming to test and measurement equipment, we have large advantage on screen manufacturing and developing. OWON’s SDS series oscilloscope came early from 10 years ago with large 8 inches screen. New XDS series even support multi-touch operation, which would largely improve the working efficiency.