HDS Series Multiple Triggers Oscilloscope

HDS Series Multiple Triggers Oscilloscope

- 2 in 1 (DSO + Multimeter) - Auto-scale Function - FFT - 20 group automatic measurement options - Bandwidth : 20MHz - 200MHz - USB data transmission supported - Multimeter newly supported SCPI - Rechargeable Li-ion battery (6 hours' backup) - Waveform record & restore

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HDS Series Two Trace FFT Oscilloscope

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Trigger Sensitivity Adjustable

While in auto-scale status, the oscilloscope will switch to the specific trigger mode, vertical scale and timebase scale according to the type, amplitude and frequency of input signal.




Alternative trigger function

OWON HDS digital oscilloscope alternative trigger function support 2 simultaneous signal test, improve working efficiency.



How to use clamp meter?

A digital clamp meter is an electrical tester that combines a voltmeter and a clamp ammeter. Like the multimeter, the clamp meteralso undergoes a digital process from the past analog to today.

During measurement, the conductor under test shall be placed in the center of the jaws and close the jaws to reduce errors.