Smartds Series VGA Digital Oscilloscope

Smartds Series VGA Digital Oscilloscope

- Bandwidth : 60MHz - 300MHz - Sample rate : 500MS/s - 3.2GS/s - 10M record length for each channel - LAN remote control - Supported SCPI and labVIEW - Large 8 inch 800 x 600 pixels display - Optional battery available

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Product Details

Model No.ChannelBandwidthSample RateRecord length
SDS60622 + 160MHz500MS/s10M
SDS70722 + 170MHz500MS/s10M
SDS71022 + 1100MHz1GS/s10M
SDS81022 + 1100MHz2GS/s10M
SDS72022 + 1200MHz1GS/s10M
SDS82022 + 1200MHz2GS/s10M
SDS83022 + 1300MHz2.5GS/s10M
SDS93022 + 1300MHz3.2GS/s10M

SVGA Function

SDS oscilloscope provide 800 x 600 SVGA port. Oscilloscope content can display on external monitor or projector in this way. It helps with production line monitoring, meeting discuss and course display.





How long is for probe operational life?that need send to lab for calibration regularly or not?

The probe operational life depend on operating environment and operating method.

The probe have not well-defined for  measurement stipulate,but for passive probe,when you will change channel for gprobe that must doing  compensate adjustment before change probe,all passive probe will keep 20min preheat before operate. Also need doing  zero wander adjustment for some passive probe and current probe