Smartds Series Slim Body Oscilloscope

Smartds Series Slim Body Oscilloscope

- Bandwidth : 60MHz - 300MHz - Sample rate : 500MS/s - 3.2GS/s - 10M record length for each channel - LAN remote control - Supported SCPI and labVIEW - Large 8 inch 800 x 600 pixels display - Optional battery available

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Product Details

SmartDS Series Slim Body Oscilloscope

Model No.ChannelBandwidthSample RateRecord length
SDS60622 + 160MHz500MS/s10M
SDS70722 + 170MHz500MS/s10M
SDS71022 + 1100MHz1GS/s10M
SDS81022 + 1100MHz2GS/s10M
SDS72022 + 1200MHz1GS/s10M
SDS82022 + 1200MHz2GS/s10M
SDS83022 + 1300MHz2.5GS/s10M
SDS93022 + 1300MHz3.2GS/s10M

Battery Function

Optional large volume battery, supports floating measurement. Convenient to carry.


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