SDS-E Series Pass/Fail Digital Oscilloscope

SDS-E Series Pass/Fail Digital Oscilloscope

SDS-E series 2ch digital oscilloscope with 30MHz,50MHZ,60MHz,70MHz,100MHz,125MHz Bandwidth, 500MS/s - 1GS/s sample rate,and 1M record length.

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Product Details

- Bandwidth : 30MHz - 125MHz
- Sample rate : 500MS/s -1GS/s
- Ultra-thin body 
- 8 inches high resolution LCD 
- Pass / Fail function
- SCPI, and LabVIEW supported
- Digital filtering and current measurement 
(excl. SDS5032E and SDS5052E)

Model No.ChannelBandwidthSample RateRecod Length
SDS5032E2 + 130MHz500MS/s10K
SDS5052E2 + 150MHz500MS/s10K
SDS6062E2 + 160MHz500MS/s1M / optional 10M
SDS7072E2 + 170MHz1GS/s1M / optional 10M
SDS7102E2 + 1100MHz1GS/s1M / optional 10M
SDS7122E2 + 1125MHz1GS/s1M / optional 10M


Pass/Fail function

Pass/Fail function can compare the template signal edit by user (horizontal and vertical occupation) with input signal. Meet the requirement for long-term signal monitor, production monitor, filter and control.