SDS-E Series Educational Oscilloscope

SDS-E Series Educational Oscilloscope

- Bandwidth : 30MHz - 125MHz - Sample rate : 500MS/s -1GS/s - Ultra-thin body - 8 inches high resolution LCD - Pass / Fail function - SCPI, and LabVIEW supported - Digital filtering and current measurement (excl. SDS5032E and SDS5052E)

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Product Details

SDS-E Series Educational Oscilloscope

Model No.ChannelBandwidthSample RateRecod Length
SDS5032E2 + 130MHz500MS/s10K
SDS5052E2 + 150MHz500MS/s10K
SDS6062E2 + 160MHz500MS/s1M / optional 10M
SDS7072E2 + 170MHz1GS/s1M / optional 10M
SDS7102E2 + 1100MHz1GS/s1M / optional 10M
SDS7122E2 + 1125MHz1GS/s1M / optional 10M


Waveform Record/Play

SDS series waveform record/play function support 2-channel waveform record. Moreover, Pass/Fail waveform is also able to be recorded. 1000 frames record capacity. Support waveform replay to analyzer the detail.



How to measure  the radiation of  switching power supply via oscilloscope?

It is keep radiated interference from switching power supply,generally,we are try to find source of the disturbance,then shield it, but if use oscilloscope,that have a Fourier transform function,the function will analyzer frequency components,according to frequency range,we will know  the type of interference.

What is the Harms Caused by the Failure of Grounding from Instrument

A good grounding system will reduce a lot of unnecessary troubles in measurement. The equipment and equipment must be properly used to ensure a good grounding. Good grounding has multiple purposes. The most demanding safety, and the pursuit of a stable circuit, are mainly The following points:

1. The machine is grounded. Under the condition of leakage, the instrument housing can not be charged and the use is safer;

2. Create a zero voltage reference point or a loop path for the integrated signals to achieve normal measurement purposes;

3, good grounding can effectively shield the interference of electric and magnetic fields, including external interference to the instrument, instrument power to the measurement of interference, the instrument to the outside interference