SDS-E Series Autoset Digital Oscilloscope

SDS-E Series Autoset Digital Oscilloscope

SDS-E series 2ch digital oscilloscope with 30MHz,50MHZ,60MHz,70MHz,100MHz,125MHz Bandwidth, 500MS/s - 1GS/s sample rate,and 1M record length.

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Product Details

- Bandwidth : 30MHz - 125MHz
- Sample rate : 500MS/s -1GS/s
- Ultra-thin body 
- 8 inches high resolution LCD 
- Pass / Fail function
- SCPI, and LabVIEW supported
- Digital filtering and current measurement 
(excl. SDS5032E and SDS5052E)

Model No.ChannelBandwidthSample RateRecod Length
SDS5032E2 + 130MHz500MS/s10K
SDS5052E2 + 150MHz500MS/s10K
SDS6062E2 + 160MHz500MS/s1M / optional 10M
SDS7072E2 + 170MHz1GS/s1M / optional 10M
SDS7102E2 + 1100MHz1GS/s1M / optional 10M
SDS7122E2 + 1125MHz1GS/s1M / optional 10M

 Auto-scale function

While in auto-scale status, the oscilloscope will switch to the specific trigger mode, vertical scale and timebase scale according to the type, amplitude and frequency of input signal.




How to understand  bandwidth in oscilloscope indicators?

Bandwidth is a base indicators for oscilloscope,the same as amplifier bandwidth,it is called  -3dB point,which is input sine wave at oscilloscope,the frequency amplitude is reduced to 70.7% of the actual amplitude is called the bandwidth.In other words,if you measure 1V 100M sine wave and use 100M bandwidth oscilloscope,the amplitude just have 0.707V,it is for sine wave situation.