OW Series Temperature Sensor Digital Multimeter

OW Series Temperature Sensor Digital Multimeter

+ 3 5/6 bit resolution + Data Logger + Multimeter + Thermometer + BLE 4.0 wireless transmission, more stable,less power consumption + Chart and Diagram mode helps to analyze the data tendency + Flashlight function lightens the darkness + Support NCV non-contact voltage sense + True RMS test supported + Widely supported on Android, iOS and Windows + Build-in offline record function supports non-stop up to 7 days non-stop recording.

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OW Series Temperature Sensor Digital Multimeter

OW series multimeter is the branch of OWON's handheld multimeter series. With smaller size and faster reponse rate. Support NCV, True RMS, bluetooth communication. Can be used as Data Logger, Multimeter and Thermometer. Contact us for more detail information!

Large display with flashlight.Large display with high brightness flashlight.  Can implement the test among darkness.NCV non-contact voltage sense.While getting the non-contact voltage sensor close to conductor,  the instrument will beeps and flash with the frequency according to  AC voltage strength.Support temperature test


TIPS on Using Oscilloscope

An oscilloscope is a widely used electronic measuring instrument. It can convert electric signals that are invisible to the naked eye into visible images, making it easier for people to study the changing process of various electrical phenomena. The oscilloscope uses a narrow electron beam consisting of high-speed electrons to create a tiny spot on a screen coated with a fluorescent substance. Under the action of the signal under test, the electron beam is like a pen tip, which can depict the curve of the instantaneous value of the signal under test on the screen. Using an oscilloscope, you can observe waveforms of various signal amplitudes over time. You can also use it to test various power levels, such as voltage, current, frequency, phase difference, amplitude, and so on.

(1) The general oscilloscope adjusts the brightness and focus knob to minimize the spot diameter to make the waveform clear and reduce the test error; do not make the light spot stay a bit fixed, otherwise the electron beam bombardment should form a dark spot on the fluorescent screen, damage Fluorescent screen.

(2) Measurement systems, such as oscilloscopes, signal sources, printers, computers, etc.; the ground wire of the tested electronic equipment, such as instruments, electronic components, circuit boards, and the power supply of the device under test, must be connected to the public ground (ground). 

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