OW Series Bluetooth Multimeter

OW Series Bluetooth Multimeter

+ 3 5/6 bit resolution + Data Logger + Multimeter + Thermometer + BLE 4.0 wireless transmission, more stable,less power consumption + Chart and Diagram mode helps to analyze the data tendency + Flashlight function lightens the darkness + Support NCV non-contact voltage sense + True RMS test supported + Widely supported on Android, iOS and Windows + Build-in offline record function supports non-stop up to 7 days non-stop recording.

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OW Series Bluetooth Multimeter

OW series multimeter is the branch of OWON's handheld multimeter series. With smaller size and faster reponse rate. Support NCV, True RMS, bluetooth communication. Can be used as Data Logger, Multimeter and Thermometer. Contact us for more detail information!

BLE 4.0 wireless transmission, support muti-devices connection and  single-display monitoring.One mobile end can connect with multiple multimeters,  the test object is totally isolated with user to secure their life.


How to measure the frequency bandwidth?

Combined with the spectrum analyzer software structure, in the test of occupied bandwidth, the parameters that need to be considered include: frequency, bandwidth, resolution bandwidth, video bandwidth, detection mode, number of points, percentage of occupied power, and x dB. Since the measured transmitter signal is usually noise-like, the video bandwidth should be set to more than 10 times the resolution bandwidth during the test. The detection mode is set to sample or rms detection.

According to the test requirements of the occupied bandwidth measurement, the function points implemented in the function design process mainly include the measurement of the occupied bandwidth and the measurement of the xdB bandwidth.

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