SDS-E Digital Clamp Meter

SDS-E Digital Clamp Meter

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SDS-E Digital Clamp Meter


What factors decide the DSO probe pricing ?

The probe bandwidth, and function decides its pricing.

According to the function, there are many probe categories, including high voltage probe, differential probe, active high speed probe, and etc. Different probe category pricing ranges from less than USD10.00 till USD10,000.00.

The probe acts as the connection media of circuit to oscilloscope, a high fidelity signal output is a must - considering this, even for passive probe, its inner structure get complicated parts to compensate the circuit. 

What is the real-time sample rate of oscilloscope

Real-time sample rate is the sampling interval inverse of a single acquisition of consecutive samples. As we know, at present, the highest level is that four channel are running simultaneously. 

Sample rate are defined by “dot/second”, usually real-time sample rate should be five times of analog bandwidth or much higher than that

 From which scenario, DSO will be used normally ?

Scenario 1 - curriculum teaching from education field. OWON gets SDS1000 series product specially designed for this scenario.

Scenario 2 - equipment maintenance / repairing. The defects could be well-located via testing signal expressing onto DSO's LCD.

Scenario 3 - machinery production. DSO already been widely used towards electronic product manufacturing line.

Scenario 4 - miscellaneous field, including scientific research, military section.

Gernally speaking, like a magic mirror, DSO could reflect the signal relating with current / voltage easily, and concretely.

AC Voltage2V / 20V / 200V± (1.2%+5-digit)
600V± (1.5%+5-digit)
DC Voltage200mV± (0.8%+5-digit)
2V / 20V / 200V± (0.8%+5-digit)
600V± (1.0%+5-digit)
AC Current2.000A± (4%+20-digit) ≦ 0.4A, ± (3%+15-digit)
20.00A± (3%+15-digit) ≦ 0.4A, ± (2%+10-digit)
200.0A / 400A± (2%+5-digit)
Resistance200.0Ω± (1.2%+5-digit)
2.000kΩ / 20.00kΩ / 200.0kΩ± (1%+3-digit)
2.000MΩ± (1.2%+5-digit)
20.00MΩ± (1.5%+5-digit)
Display Count2000
Auto Range
Data Hold
Jaw Capacity28mm
Continuity Buzzer
MAX Mode
Low-battery Indicator
Auto Power-off
Power2 x 1.5V AAA batteries
Dimension (W x H x D)65 x 177 x 28 (mm)
Weight (without package)186 g
Safety Rating600V, CAT III

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