XDM Series AC Current Bench Multimeter

XDM Series AC Current Bench Multimeter

- 4 inch 480 x 320 pixels high resolution LCD - reading rates up to 150 readings/s - true RMS AC voltage / current measurement - dual line display supported - the change trend analysis accessible via special chart mode - SCPI supported - remote control, and data-sharing possible via LAN, USB, RS232 port, and WiFi* * WiFi module is optional - multi- IO interface: USB Device / Host, RS232, LAN, and ext. trigger input

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XDM Series AC Current Bench Multimeter

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Dual display


Dual display enables two kinds of data display at the same time. For example, as figure shows, the multimeter shows the DC and AC voltage at the same time. Can also switch to current. This expand the measurement method for industrial and laboratory field. 


What is the differences between oscilloscope and multimeter?

In measuring the voltage, the difference between the oscilloscope and the digital multimeter can be simply expressed as "picture and number" difference.

digital multimeter is a tool for accurate measurement of discontinuous signals, but it does not visually present waveforms that represent signal strength, shape, and instantaneous values, nor can it show transient or harmonic signals that may damage the system.

In contrast, the oscilloscope provides a richer message than the digital multimeter in terms of the display of the measurement results. The oscilloscope can display the value of a wave at a moment, and it also shows the shape, amplitude (voltage) and frequency of the wave. Having such visual information, transient information that poses a potential threat to the system will be discovered and isolated. The oscilloscope will also graphically display the possible distortion and noise in the signal.

However, if you want to get high-precision current, voltage, resistance and other electrical parameters, to check whether the resistance is short-circuit, whether there is disconnection between points, the multimeter has become the best choice for great accuracy. This is what oscilloscope could not accomplish. Some multimeters can also measure the temperature (such as OWON B41T), in addition, most of the digital multimeters are more portable than oscilloscope.

Digital multimeter and oscilloscope have their own characteristics, users can choose the appropriate equipment according to the specific needs.